Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Love Misty Mornings

Yes, usually you call this mist "fog"...but "foggy" is such an ugly word. It does not describe this morning at all. "Misty" is so much prettier, and almost manages to put into words the beautiful condensation. :)

Doesn't it just look like a scene out of a fairybook? And this is my backyard--I get to wake up to this every morning. How lucky am I?

Look at the trees off to the left--you can barely see them, the mist was that thick! And if you can believe it--there are houses back there, that are completely enveloped in the mist.


  1. sure ARE lucky! The mist looks wonderful and very calming against the sun :) Great capture


  2. *sighs* That is so beautiful! I love those pictures! You are lucky to live there.

    In Christ,

  3. All I can say is that I love the word misty, and

  4. They are beautiful! I can't believe this is your backyard! And that there is still snow!
    Here in the panhandle of Texas we are in the 60s with no snow anywhere. I even wore short-sleeves today.

  5. My goodness, Bekah, those are SO beautiful! I can't even begin to describe how gorgeous they are! Our Creator paints the most exquisite pictures!! I especially adore photos 2, 4, and 5. You have SUCH a natural talent for photography... never stop! Lovely, completely lovely, darling!

    And that is your BACKYARD? I can't even explain how much I envy you! Oh, I can just feel myself there, a sister of the trees and snow, imagining anything my heart desires. There's something about places like that -- they truly bring out one's sincere, naive, childlike thoughts of simple beauty. It's so easy in a place awash with living poetry to imagine, to dream, to be. *sigh* How much I WISH I could live there!

    Have a wonderful day!!


  6. Yesterday was an exquisite morning and you captured the juxtaposition between winter and spring beautifully.

  7. WHOA! That must have been even prettier in person!!! Great shots!

  8. those are are very blessed:)

  9. How did you make your blog layout so amazing?

  10. Those are gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful.