Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Glorious Rain

It was pouring rain this morning. I could not resist. What photographer ever can?
I wasn't the only one out in the frigid weather, enjoying the rain. :-)
The birds were of course loving it as well. I don't know which one they liked better, the bird feeder or the worms.
Oh the beautiful rain. It makes the simplest flower a divine work of art.
 I had wet lenses that I had to towel off afterwards, and frozen toes as I was wearing flipflops, and a runny nose as I had an open jacket, and curly hair that needs to be re-straightened as I had no hat.
But it was worth it.


  1. Oh... just BEAUTIFUL, Bekah!!! That last one has to be my favorite. The green grass is amazing, and that robin.... WOW! :)

  2. Everything is so beautiful when it is wet! The last picture is my favorite!

  3. You are truly an amazing photographer, Bekah! You're so artsy and creative with each and every picture you take. I always enjoy coming to this blog and seeing all of the different photos.

    Beautiful pictures once again! =)

  4. Beautiful, Bekah. Yeah, I would have been right out there, too;)

  5. Like I said on buzz... that is just what happened to me!!! :)

    ~Megan <3

  6. The tenth, eleventh, and twelfth are awesome. Twelfth. That word just looks weird typed out.

  7. Bekah, waht *is* the name of the font you and Hannah use for post/sidebar titles? you're driving me NUTS!


  8. Wow those are amazing!!! I love your new header!!


  9. Amazing Photography, Bekah! I would have to say, I simply LOVE the second one...so precise, detailed, and classy with the black and white effect.

    Fantastic pictures!!!!


  10. Wow!! you are awesome at taking pictures.

  11. hey! I was wondering if you'd like to enter a photo contest over at my blog. heres the URL:


    I hope you consider entering! :)