Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cake And Ice-Cream--There's Nothing Better

My family is going off sugar this whole year--but we get to eat cake/ice-cream on birthdays. In this case, my daddy's birthday.

And then the lit candles--ohhhh they were so pretty.

Yes, I am experimenting with my watermarks. ;)

They were so pretty--we turned the lights out and everything.

Oh I love birthdays. And not just because of the cake. It was awesome because my whole family just had hours to hang out--that's all we did. Just relaxed--and it was amazing. :)


  1. Mmm..yeah, sugar is always good.

  2. One thing I do dislike about photographers taking really awesome pictures of desserts... I gain 10 pounds just by looking at the pics! that cake looks yummy!!! LOL! you got a great eye girl, your pictures look really good! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work. :)