Monday, January 11, 2010

About Bekah Grace Photography

Bekah Grace Photography is a blog I started because I wanted a place to share my photos. (My main blog is here.) For a long time, I regarded my camera as un-important, and photography as a nuisance. I never really took interest in it until a few months ago, when I took my camera and a couple of friends, and just experimented outside. Even though my camera was a dinky digital one that I had owned for a few years, it took relatively good pictures (granted that I edited the Brightness-Contrast slightly on Gimp). I was shocked at the pleasure I experienced in pressing that shuttle button and capturing moments. It was then that I started researching cameras--realizing that my digital wasn't the best--and found the Nikon D40x. I immediately decided that I wanted to buy it. But with help from my dad, I did extensive research, and realized the Nikon D3000 was much better for only a few more hundred dollars. I decided that this was the one I wanted to buy. I bought it, and it takes incredible pictures. I am very content with it. Now that I had a decent camera, I wanted a seperate place where I could share my pictures, so I created this blog. :)  

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  1. Lovely story, Bekah. I'm glad that you now enjoy taking pictures, because I love seeing the beautiful photos you put up. :)